The great challenge of our time is how to connect with soulmate love and avoid breakup. Love transcends the physical, spiritual and cosmic realms. Love is the essence of the creator and it needs to expand in order to fulfill the Creator's purpose, which is to increase Love throughout  the Universe. All too often, in total futility, we seek earthly knowledge to solve problems in love. Self-help books, manipulative psychology, talk show advice, magazine advice, friend advice, and still divorce, separation and loneliness continue to exponentially increase. The more human knowledge increases, the more family chaos increases and children and families suffer. The reason the self-empowerment approach doesn't work is that it is trying to solve a heavenly problem with earthly solutions. As the saying goes "Love is made in heaven". To solve an inherently spiritual problem such as separation from love, we need a spiritual solution, we need to reach for the stars. We can look to the wisdom of the celestial bodies, outside of this earth, in outer space for the solution based on your individual Love Horoscope. The Earth's relationship with the Sun is a perfection of the male/female dynamic worth copying. The masculine energy of the Sun proactively projects life giving light energy outward and Mother Earth graciously receives this life giving energy. What makes life so abundant on our planet is that the Earth is the most "Feminine" planet in our solar system. Most planets merely reject this "Masculine" light energy and reflect most of this energy away. For this reason the other planets are virtually lifeless, desolate, lonely, soundless, empty and dark. The "Feminine" Earth not only absorbs and receives the Masculine energy of the Sun it creates an atmosphere which locks in and, with love, protects this masculine, life giving energy, so that it is not lost and reflected away into outer space. This is why we have a bright blue sky as opposed to looking up at darkness like all the other planets. The Earth and the Sun work in harmony as opposed to equality as their opposite polarized energies complete each other. The combined extraterrestrial power of the Stars, Planets and Moons in this universe and all other universes can empower and guide us in great spiritual challenges like returning a loved one or manifesting a soulmate. The extraterrestrial flow of cosmic energy sustains all life on this earth. The Sun, a male Yang energy, is extraterrestrial, and it nourishes everything on this earth. Without the extraterrestrial power of the Sun there will be no life here on Earth. Solar Flares affect each person's personal electromagnetic field differently. These explosions of the Sun have been correlated with an increase in earthquake activity and changes in human behavior. Our earth with its abundance of life has a very special relationship with our Sun and other celestial bodies. Our collective consciousness here on Earth also affects the Sun in that the solar flares not only affect our planet but also affect the Sun. And that a correlation of chaos here on earth is also responsible for solar explosions. Reading these solar explosions correctly gives us warning of tectonic plate disruptions, which affect the electromagnetic connection between the Earth and the Sun, warning us of impending earthquakes. The Moon, a female Yin energy, absorbs destructive Earth energies. The Moon, being a Female energy creates a void of energy which allows for the expansion of creative energy here on Earth. The air we breathe is charged with cosmic energy in the form of "cosmic dust" that enters our atmosphere every day from the residue of exploded stars, planets and asteroids. This space dust enters our soil and is even present in the food we eat. In a pure sterile environment devoid of cosmic space dust we would soon fall ill. Clearly, extraterrestrial energy sustains our everyday life and offers us the solution to our Love problems as well. Instead of trying to learn more limited earthly knowledge we need to connect to infinity by utilizing the very real power of Astrology. Your Love Horoscope offers you a non-earthly spiritual solution to your Love problems. Your unique Astrological DNA was infused into your soul the moment you were born by the mathematical alignment of all the celestial bodies the moment of your first breath. We are not so much the effect of our individual Horoscope as we are the cause, as your soul allowed itself by design, as opposed to mere chance, to be born on a particular day to be imprinted with this unique horoscope on your birthday to discharge negative karma from previous lives and allow the best celestial assistance to grow and correct your soul, and to connect with your soulmate love without interference.

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