Fundamental to Reuniting Love or to Return Love is to understand that nature operates within the concept of  harmony and within this harmony is an understanding of how the natural fundamental difference between a man and a woman actually complement each other. Ancient Chinese wisdom understood that all things work within the harmony of the male [Yang] and female [Yin] dynamic and that these opposite energies complement each other. Accordingly, in Chinese Medicine, all illness, is merely a disequilibrium of energy between the male/female dynamic within our own bodies as each organ and cell in our bodies has a male/female counterpart and when the male/female energy within our bodies is not working harmoniously, we get sick. The harmony of the male/female dynamic within our own bodies even affects us down to our atoms, which, you guessed it, operates under the same Male Positive Proton and the Female Negative Electron energy dynamic. There are people who are so at conflict and confused about their identity and role and purpose as a man or woman, that the Male Protons and Female Electrons within their own body are literally at war with each other, and spiritual, physical and relationship illness is an inevitable certainty. This is why the loneliness and stress of being unable to unite with the one you love is so damaging to your physical health. In addition, all "illness in relationships" operates on the same principle, that there is a disequilibrium of energy within the male/female dynamic of the relationship. Much like the electricity in a battery, a woman in classical naturalism has a negative charge and the male has a positive charge. When these polarizations work in harmony the Law of Attraction creates functional energy or soulmate love When these energies are weakened and a man loses his positive polarization or a woman loses her negative polarization, an inability to work in harmony with its opposite occurs and chaotic disruption of energy or separations occurs. When these energies reverse their natural polarity it actually repulses a connection, similar to trying to unify two positive magnets or two negative magnets as they would then be operating under the law of separation and will not unite. Quite often one person in a relationship needs the other more. This can be quite frustrating and painful for the one receiving less love. There is a reason for this and there also is an energetic solution to making the one you love need you more. Let's take magnetism and its North Negative and South Positive polarization, similar to the Female Negative and Male Positive polarizations as well. If you place the positive and negative sides of the magnets near each other they will unite. If they are the same weight and are the same number of "Gauss", the measurement term used for measuring magnetism, they will both move toward each other at the same rate and speed until they unite. However, let's say the negative magnet has 10 Gauss and the positive magnet has 20 Gauss. When you place a metal object between them both magnets the object will always gravitate towards the stronger polarity of the two magnets. Similarly, love energy will always gravitate towards the person with the greatest polarity strength. If the man has a greater polarity of Positive Masculine, then a woman has polarity of Negative Feminine, then the woman will move towards the man, he will not move towards her. The same holds true vice versa. This imbalance of energy is exactly what occurs in an unbalanced love relationships where one person is more drawn to the other. The weaker polarization always moves towards the stronger polarization. Ideally, what you want in Love is for your soulmate to love and need you and to proactively come to you. To correct this imbalance of love what you need to do is strengthen your polarity so that energetically the person you want will be drawn towards you and in effect need you more. To do this correctly takes courage. We should not try to self-complete ourselves and become "independent" or "self-sufficient" as this will neutralize and cancel out our feminine or masculine polarity to draw its opposite. We need to be comfortable being "dependent" and incomplete, as this lack of self-completion creates an energetic void, which calls out for completion with another and attracts soul mate love towards you. We need to trust the universe in that the real laws of attraction are certain and that you will complete yourself in a soulmate relationship only when the void or your lack of completion exists. Pop psychology and the self-help movement are making a fundamental error in not understanding how energy or love connects. We are encouraged to be stronger and more independent and self-sufficient all of which will neutralize and contaminate your love attraction polarity. The current trend of blurring or ignoring the obvious difference in the male/female dynamic destroys the natural attraction of opposite polarities and insures that profound soulmate love cannot connect. Ideally, you want the person you love to move towards you as opposed to you always moving towards them. To do this correctly we need to accurately and truthfully define exactly what is the energy force of "Masculine" and what is the energy force of "Feminine" so that we can make a clear distinction in polarity in the male/ female dynamic. No easy task in this age of politically correct brainwashing. This is of utmost importance and this is where many people get hung up. If the word "masculine" conjures up images of macho, force, domineering, control and the word "feminine" evokes images of a servant or doormat then you really don't have the slightest clue what the essence of humanity is all about and don't have the slightest clue how energy works. You should then go immediately to the two free Love Karma Psychic questions right now and ask what these two terms are and how they relate to you personally so you can have soulmate love. Everyone can have a soulmate relationship in this life time. Once we clearly define what is truly Masculine, Yang, and what is truly Feminine, Yin, we then need to strengthen these differences so that we can attract our opposite. In a case where someone cannot attract love the fundamental case is a contaminated polarization of energy. This needs to be corrected both on a love psychic level and to draw upon the energy and wisdom of your unique cosmic Horoscope. Energy does not lie nor can it be fooled as the one you love feels it all, consciously or unconsciously, as you are both interconnected, and the type of energy you have determines the quality of your connection or if your lover returns. We are aware that terms such as psychics, return love, clairvoyants, astrologers and horoscopes are words which are sometimes misunderstood and rightfully so. However, we cannot let the failure of others change the fundamental fact that there are spiritual and Horoscope tools and real psychic abilities which can help us grow and guide us in this life. That what you see, touch, hear, taste and smell is only a small part of reality. Even the world's top Astronomers acknowledge that "Dark Matter" comprises at least 96% of this universe and that it is real, but operates in different dimensions and is undetectable. In fact, all physical concrete reality that you can feel, hear, touch and see is nothing but the effects of energies that play itself out spiritually first and then manifest in so-called physical reality later. Even a concrete building is spiritual. The building first exists in the spiritual realm of non-material matter in the form of a "desire" to have a house, as a mere thought in someone's mind. It then combines with "determination", another non-material spiritual energy, to build the house. It then requires the concept of "honesty", another non-concrete spiritual energy, as the ability to pay and utilize the help of other people to build the house is required. Eventually you have physical form, the house! It started in the spiritual realm and manifested in physical concrete reality. A love relationship is exactly the same. It starts in the non-physical world of Desire and need, and then through spiritual cause and effect it manifests into physical reality. Modern science cannot through the scientific method alone even prove that the concept of "Love" is real. It is truly and purely an esoteric spiritual energy. However, it is real! You can feel it and it is the most powerful force in the Universe. Like the house it first starts as need and desire, then character, and honesty, all non-physical spiritual energies that are real, and then it manifests into concrete reality in a committed relationship with marriage and children. It is futile trying to change your love life by using concrete psychology and self-help books as the way to manifest inherently spiritual desires, such as love is by using the correct spiritual solution, and that is why utilizing your horoscope and psychic powers correctly is integral in manifestation of a soulmate relationship in your life time. When a couple unite, in that special moment when a woman reaches into heaven, literally acting as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms, and literally brings a new human being into this world, that is spiritual. We at LoveKarmaPsychics want to give you something that will really make a difference in your love life so we encourage you to try our free trial love horoscope reading individually personalized for you. There is a simplicity to unlocking the love secrets of the Universe as the Creator did not make abundance, happiness and soulmate love overly complicated or available to only a few so-called smart people. It is available to you right now. There are incredible changes in the world and much of it is positive as it is an exciting time to be alive. The Earth's vibrational frequency is increasing, which shortens the time of cause and effect. Desire and manifestation has accelerated whereas in the past the time between wanting and receiving would take years, now it can be accomplished in mere weeks. You can be in a happy soulmate relationship now! Our live love psychic astrology reading will determine the type of energy you are sending out and we can help you make the necessary adjustments so that you can attract, unite and return love with the person you want now.
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