There is no earthly wisdom you need to learn to manifest a soulmate or to have your soulmate return. To the contrary we need to unlearn all the brain washing and unlearn all the defense mechanisms we have learned. What we need is virtue and a return to innocence. Everyone can have a soulmate in this life time but few do. Even most marriages are not soulmate relationships. Nothing in your life has prepared you for dealing with a soulmate relationship because it is an emotion and a love force that is made in Heaven, not in this Earth. You can be big, strong, attractive, intelligent and your soulmate will knock you to your knees and reduce you to an immature child. Pop psychology, self-help books, talk shows, and friend advice, has that really ever made a difference in your love life? How do you know if you should be with someone?. You already know the answer to that as you feel it in your heart and soul. Is the person you love good for you?. Since your soul needs to help the one you love, if your soulmate was perfect they wouldn't need you, so no judgment, give love unconditionally, as this is good for you!. There is divine wisdom guiding you in your intense desire to be united with your soulmate and it is best to surrender to love, as one is chosen for love, and it is futile to resist. True love is purely a spiritual energy, and to solve a spiritual problem like separation from the person we love, we need a spiritual solution. Look in the sky and you will see that the creator made millions of planets, stars and moons, each with an energy force directly connected to both you and the one you love. The Universe was made with Divine intelligence and we need to utilize the powerful love energies emanating from the heavenly bodies to help us connect with heavenly love. Your unique Horoscope DNA implanted in your Karmic makeup the moment of your first breath has given you a unique spiritual identity. The mathematical positioning and fluxation of millions of Stars, Planets and Moons is constantly changing literally by the second. The continuous shifting and movement of these celestial bodies creates new opportunities to utilize energy to get what you want. The unique birthday of both you, and the person you love, needs to be correctly analyzed with the current Astrology. Your Love Horoscope is not learning to understand a fixed predetermined destiny. To the contrary, it is a tool to harness astral energy correctly, so you can proactively make your own destiny. You are not merely the effect or result of your unique individual horoscope, but, by understanding and utilizing cosmic power correctly, you become the cause so that you proactively affect and make the reality you want. This constant energetic shifting of moving bodies in outer space creates openings and opportunities in the Universe which allows both you and the one you love to harmonize and unite. Without this Love Horoscope guidance all your actions and thoughts are literally like a pilot flying without radar, merely shooting in the dark. Your Love Horoscope is not merely a static predetermined fixed destiny, it is dynamic and guides you to literally shape your love reality as opposed to waiting on it. To be of any purpose the Love Horoscope of both you and your partner needs to be individually personalized as opposed to the generic one size fits all daily horoscopes we are all used to seeing. How important is it to unite in soulmate love in this life time? It is everything! The evolution of your soul, is the only part of you that is eternal, and your soul does not complete itself in this life time until you unite in soulmate love. However, if you seek you shall find and by utilizing the Astrological blue print of the celestial bodies you will be guided in your unification with your soulmate.

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