To connect with infinity and eternity we need to reach outside of our finite Earth and utilize the immense power of the Stars and Planets. The total combined electrical power of this earth is well under one percent of that of the Sun. Even this one percent, is latent stored energy and would soon disappear if the Sun was completely blocked from reaching the Earth. The Earth is a receptive entity that draws all its energy extraterrestrially, such as from the Sun to survive. How long would the Earth sustain life if Sun light and Moon light were completely blocked? All energy can be harnessed and utilized in an infinite number of ways. Is it any wonder then, that all great civilizations have tried to utilize this incredible source of Astrological energy to help create great things, particularly reuniting love and creating marriage. Love is the most powerful of all energies in that it embodies the essence of the Creator. The Sun has enough energy to solve all our energy needs for millions of years, we simply need to develop technology and tools so we can utilize this divine power. Astrology, the technology and your personal Horoscope, is the tool to increasing your awareness and consciousness in manifesting and keeping a soulmate relationship. Your unique love Horoscope is not merely a fixed predetermined destiny with unchanging traits and characteristics. It is actually a form of divine power channeled through Celestial bodies! Astrology is utilizing the omnipotent power of infinity to shape and determine your love destiny as you want it to be. It is uniquely individual and proactive unlike the typical generic, reactive, one size fits all cosmic we are used to seeing. These celestial energies connect to us through the male/female dynamic in order to complete itself. The divine energy of Love needs to expand and perpetuate to fulfill its purpose of creating more love, so it utilizes the unification of the male/female dynamic, particularly in unifying a soulmate relationship, to expand love. All life stems from the male/female dynamic, which involves the unification and completion of opposite polarized energies. It is also true that anything that is connected to you, by default, you are connected to it as well. Therefore, anything or anyone that you are connected to involves the simultaneous and continuous sending and receiving of energy on both sides. The Planets and Stars affect you and you also affect them! Love is the most powerful of energies as its essence is of that of the Creator. Love being of divine nature seeks to continuously expand. Love expands by perpetuating soulmate love in relationships. Unification of love in relationships expands love not only here on Earth but also in the Universe as well. The great Celestial bodies with their enormous power are a tool to unifying love. It is understood in science that all energy, in order for it to be functional, needs to complete itself by coming back to its original source. This means that the energy projected from the positive/male end of a battery, to let's say a light bulb, must also be received back to the same battery through the female/negative in order for the light bulb to work. In this way the energy completed itself by going through the male/female dynamic in order to create light. Love cannot expand by a person receiving for oneself alone, nor can being alone complete the circuitry of energy returning to its original source as energy needs to complete itself by going through the male female/dynamic which cannot be done by one's self alone. Love energy needs the completion of the male/female dynamic in order for it to fulfill its purpose, which is to perpetuate and expand love. The technology of Astrology and your personal Horoscope are the tools used to harness this infinite energy. Since Cosmic divine power cannot complete its true purpose when you are alone and separated, as it needs to go through the male/female dynamic in order for it to complete the cycle of returning to its original source, which in turn expands love in the Universe as well, the universe wants you to be in a soulmate relationship and will help and guide you through the wisdom of Astrology and your personal Horoscope so that you can receive a continuous flow of divine wisdom and divine love power so that you can have this relationship. Your unique Love Horoscope is a bridge which connects the divine infinite energy potential of the Creator and utilizes this energy to expand love here on Earth. In short, the infinite energy of all the celestial bodies combined need us as well as we need them, since they are the Creator's tool to energetically expand Love through the unification of love relationships. This cosmic flow of energy needs to go through the human male/female dynamic in uniting love relationships of humans, who possess physical form, so that this unification of love can be returned to the Cosmos, so that love can exponentially expand in all universes, as well as in your own personal love relationship. Your unique Love Horoscope is a tool which connects both Divine Cosmic wisdom to Earthly knowledge so that you can expand love here on Earth, and the Universe, by being connected to your soulmate in a committed relationship.

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