Love is the most powerful divine energy force in the Universe and makes life worth living as we are not here on this Earth merely to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom and work. If we do not know Love then we certainly are devoid of the light of the Creator as the Creator is Love. Connecting with soulmate love is true completion. True completion is not "self-completion" as preached by the self-help movement and pop psychology, whereby you seek to empower yourself to be an independent, all powerful, self-reliant super person. Self-improvement by listening to motivational speakers, and trying to learn more manipulative psychology is meaningless as it will leave you in the end, empty and all alone. "Bi-completion" is when two people unite in love to complete the "whole" and the synergy of energy created when a couple is united is exponentially greater than the energy of the two individuals independently. Bi-completion, is classic naturalism, in that, all life, is created through the unification of the Male/Female dynamic. All physical creation as well involves the unifying of energy. To build a super Boeing Jumbo Jet requires the expertise of over twenty thousand different experts in different fields of expertise to make an airplane. Not a single person in the world knows how to make a Jumbo Jet, but the combined synergy of unifying different people allows this creation to manifest. Bi-completion unifies Love and allows for the sharing of Love. Self-completion is a self-defense mechanism based on uncertainty that love will manifest. It is based on fear and seeks empowerment for one's self alone. It completes the male/female dynamic within one's own self and destroys the natural magnetism necessary to attract a soulmate and leaves a person empty and alone. Self-completion, or self-empowerment in trying to get stronger, better, smarter, greater and self-sufficient may be necessary as a survival mechanism when stranded all alone on a desert island in the South Pacific or when incarcerated in solitary confinement for life, but it is not an acceptable option for a rational free person to exercise free will. We need to trust the universe and accept that life perpetuates with unification, whether it's between friends, business deals, nations, races, religions, and particularly soulmate love. Being comfortable, vulnerable and dependent is being honest as opposed to being in denial. If you can't be honest and truthful with yourself how do you expect the truth to find you. By accepting the reality that we cannot be auto complete we create a void of dependency and this void allows space for your soulmate to enter your life. Contrary to common knowledge you don't have to learn anything to have a soulmate relationship as it is your birth right as a human being. If anything you need to unlearn all the brainwashing you have learned, it is that you need both courage and a return to innocence.

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