In one of the greatest scientific discoveries in the last 25 years, Scientists of the European Union in Cern Switzerland have recently discovered a revolutionary subatomic particle called the "Higgs Boson". This particle is omnipresent everywhere and connects all particle matter both earthly and celestial in a continuous chain of unseen interconnectedness. You as a person and the person you love are both made up of particle matter in the form of a human being. What this means in love relationships is that there is a continuous chain of sub atomic particles connecting you and the person you love 24 hours a day. It also directly connects you to the all the Stars, Planets, and Moons. What you perceive as empty space or physical separation between you and the person you love is merely an illusion in that there is real physical matter in the form of a continuous chain of intelligent subatomic particle matter, invisible to the eye, connecting and transmitting energy between you and the person you love, every second of the day always. What this means is that if you are in let's say the United States and the person you Love is in Canada, there is a continuous chain of subatomic particles connecting both of you irrespective of perceived physical distance. Modern science has finally caught up with what authentic Psychics and Horoscope experts have already known for thousands of years, that we are all connected in some type of electromagnetic field of intelligent energy. This makes it possible to remote view from far away and to use psychic telepathy to read the energy, thoughts and desires from the mind of another person, as there is a physical chain of subatomic matter receiving and transmitting energy between you and the person you love simultaneously. More profound than just reading, let's say, a desired love's mind is the ability to send and receive energy so that you can actually affect or change their behavior and feelings, so that they will return to you. Furthermore, since time is not an independent fixed concept, merely an artificial unit of measurement we have all agreed to use, as it is always relative to motion and is changing, there is thus a chain of subatomic particle matter connecting the past present and future as well. Since we are connected to the future we can see into it, affect it, and change it. Seeing into the future is relevant as it will allow us to change what we don't like and put into action a new cause and effect which will give us the outcome we want. The type of energy being transmitted through these subatomic particles determines the type of relationship with the other person, whether it be a friend, enemy, coworker, acquaintance or soulmate. This means that you can exchange energy and thereby affect or change the love feelings of the person you love even if they are not near you physically or they are with someone else. These subatomic particles are the medium used to send and receive energy from far away. Free will gives us the power to be the cause rather than the mere effect, so instead of being reactive, endlessly waiting for someone to love you or hoping one day your love returns to you, you can literally proactively attract and help manifest a soulmate relationship through the energy chain of subatomic particle matter connecting you both. Your individuality, including everything you say, think, feel and do, determines the type of energy being transmitted within this chain of subatomic particle matter connecting you and the one you love. Correctly transforming this energy within you, can immediately be transmitted to your desired love one and provoke greater desire for you. Our Love Psychic Astrologers are trained to read energy that is not discernible to the physical senses and to make adjustments in your electromagnetic energy field through self-growth and positive transformation so that you can have a committed love relationship or reunite with the person you love. Sometimes, there is an imbalance of energy where one person is more in love than the other. Rarely are two people equally in love at the same time. There are ways to transform ourselves energetically that can affect the person we love to reciprocate and to non-coercively return love. The Horoscope connection between ourselves and celestial bodies is real as the same "Higgs Boson" energy chain of subatomic particle matter connecting you to the person you love, also connects you to all the Astrological bodies in outer space, giving a whole new meaning to your Love Horoscope. Right now you are physically connected and consequentially being affected by particle matter from every Star, Planet and Moon in our solar system and all other solar systems. Conversely, since we are connected to all these heavenly bodies we also have an effect on them as well. The increasing Solar explosions in the Sun and its consequential effects on the Earth's weather is directly connected to the collective consciousness of humanity in which our collective mind's also affects matter in the universe as well. The moment of your birth imprinted on you a unique cosmobiological energy. Since your Horoscope imprint is original, the daily Astrological positioning of the Stars, Planets and Moons will affect each and every one of us differently on a daily basis. Your Astrological DNA determined by the unique mathematical positioning of the Stars, Planets, Moons and Dark Matter, at the moment of your birth interacts with the daily Astrology to create unique opportunities and guidance. All wisdom is not merely earthly based, and the daily Astrological positioning of Celestial bodies can guide you in your life to make the right choices and decisions particularly in love. The wisdom of the Celestial bodies has been given to mankind as a tool from the creator to help us in our spiritual journey. Uniting your Love Horoscope with an authentic love psychic reading is important to unlocking the DNA of love and manifesting a soulmate relationship in this life time.

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